ZLS Consulting offers services in the following general areas:

Engineering & Design Consulting – from conceptual design and planning, to structural analysis and design for residential, commercial and specialized industries, ZLS Consulting can handle your most complex projects. In addition, ZLS Consulting offers engineering and design consulting in other disciplines, including specialized electrical engineering and design for the utility industry. Please visit: for more information.

Site and Building Inspection – from residential and commercial structure evaluation and assessment, to real estate property and “home buyer” inspections.

Specialized Inspection – Utility / transmission wood pole / steel tower inspection services. This includes the use of drones (unmanned aerial systems – UAS) equipped with high definition cameras for inspection of client structures and equipment. Our team is licensed and trained to provide the most economical and effective solutions to all of our clients.

Specialty Drone Inspections (sUAS) performed by certified and qualified personnel. With the use of our fleet of state of the art drones, we are able to take inspection services into new heights. Our trained personnel are practicing engineers experienced in specialized inspections. Don’t settle for other inspection services that claim to know what to look for, our team of trained and experienced inspection personnel will get the job done the first time. Please contact us to learn more about these services.

Technical Training and Seminars – from in house and at client facility training and seminars, in (AutoCAD) drafting and design, to specialized structural engineering and design. We offer hands on, one on one training, and our highly experienced design team can prepare you with the confidence to handle any design project.

Construction Management and Construction Support – from project management to on-site construction supervision services.

Technical Staff Augmentation – from client facility technical staffing in areas of drafting, design and engineering and in multiple engineering / design disciplines.

Job Placement Services for Technical Personnel (Engineering and Design / related. ALL Disciplines) – For employees or professionals or technical personnel on the job hunt, ZLS Consulting offers job / work placement services through our diverse network across multiple industries.  Part-time and full-time / temporary and permanent placement opportunities may be available.  Contact us for more details or to get started right away, simply email us your resume at: .

In addition, as an ongoing process to find the best talent in specific niche industries, ZLS Consulting is currently on a worldwide search for experienced professionals and technical personnel through our H1-V sponsoring program (certain restrictions apply).  Currently, we are searching for highly experienced personnel in the utility industry, specifically in the electrical substation and transmission departments. Foreign / overseas candidates, please email your resumes to: .

Please contact us to see how we can help with any of your project needs. – ZLS Consulting Team

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