Life is Not a Sprint… It’s a Marathon to the Finish… But No Matter What, You STILL Need to Finish.

Remember the old story about the turtle and the hare?  The hare was fast and took shortcuts  , while the turtle was slow and took his time to finish…. In the end the turtle won the race because he was slow and careful in his steps.

In business, I see this all the time… There are those who want to do things fast and try to find shortcuts and the easy way to their goals.  Then there are those who take their time to reach their goals.  The ones that go for the easy finish usually never finish the race… Instead, they become so overwhelmed by what they are confronted with that they simply give up.

In the end, those that take their time in planning are more likely to succeed in reaching their goal. Careful planning and being prepared are important steps to success.  When you take the necessary steps and plan ahead, you will be ready to tackle even the most difficult obstacles.  You will be prepared and ready to take any obstacle head on.  When you are not prepared, you may not be ready and by that time it will be too late.

Take the time to prepare in all that you do… but at the same time do not let too much planning hinder your progress.  Keep planning AND keep progressing….you will be glad you did.  With careful planning along the way, even the most difficult “obstacles” will become a walk in the park.

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