Be Satisfied In Defeat!?! Really?!

Sounds like bad advice, right?!  Well what I’m referring to has nothing to do with quitting.  In fact it’s the direct opposite.  So many times we are faced with situations where we have tried our best… where we have put in 110%… but still our efforts seem to be all in vain.

In these situations we seem to be so hard on ourselves because “somehow” all our efforts were just short.  It sounds cliche’, but we have to realize that giving our best, really is the most important thing in anything we set out to do.  Only once we truly” have given it our very best, then should we accept any outcome that follows.  And by “accepting defeat” doesn’t mean to say that you have “given up” completely… all it means is that you acknowledge your efforts in a positive way and are willing to accept the outcome because you “know” you truly have given it 100%.  And although you may have been defeated at this time, it doesn’t mean to say that you have “lost the war”…

Remember defeat is only defeat when you allow it to defeat you.  It is a state of mind… So try your best and put up a good fight… and keep moving on and keep trying… soon you will seize your own personal victories in life.

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