A New Year… And New Outlook…

At the end of the year, most of us take a minute to reflect on the last twelve months.  If you are like me, you put a huge emphasis on things that you didn’t do rather than the things you did.  First off, stop right there! Stop beating yourself up over it… There is absolutely nothing you can do to change any of that…

We need to be satisfied with whatever it is that we’ve done because there just simply isn’t anything that we can do to change any of it.  Instead, we need to focus on the new year and look into the future that we want to create for ourselves.  Life is in the present, not the past that we constantly beat ourselves over or even the future that we can never be sure of.

So we need to treat life as a day to day thing and stop worrying about the past and instead start “planning” for the future (whatever that may be).  The most important thing is to “live” life to the fullest each and every day… I don’t care if your day is spent accomplishing a goal or playing with the kids all day long.  The main point is to do “whatever” it is your doing the best you can…

Hopefully, the very fact that you are giving it your all will be fulfilling in itself and can provide a sense of happiness in your life.  After all shouldn’t life be about being happy? So whatever it is that creates your happiness, do so to the best of your ability.  Happy New Year to all.. and best wishes for 2018!

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