Month: January 2018

When Life (at the moment) Just “Sucks”…

Every day when I feel like nothing is either going my way or is just the “worst” day of my life… all it takes is just a quick smile from my three year old daughter to put things back in perspective.

I know life is tough… it’s not easy for 99% of us. But when you look around, there is just so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to no matter how “bad” your life seems.

When it comes down to it, happiness is not that hard to find… it’s actually in the smallest things and things that are free to all of us that we normally take for granted…

Look around… Breathe the air… Life is the most beautiful thing… Enjoy it… and seize the day…

If you know of anybody going through hardship or pain, please pass this message to them… and help them to find hope and peace in their lives.

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Do YOU! … Forget What Others Think…

Yes… it seems tough, but if you really put your mind to it, then it may be easier than you think.

But in a world that seems to judge every step you take, how can you possibly ignore the pressures all around you? Life is not that simple… and emotions and feelings are REAL…

I fall victim to this form of thinking all the time… But I make an honest effort to at least try to get away before it pulls me down even further.

We all want to be part of something… We all aspire for things… We all have hopes and dreams… At times we are faced with choices that define who we are or at least that we BELIEVE define us.

That’s the trick here… YOU (and only YOU) define who YOU are… That’s right- Nobody else but YOU! How you allow things to affect YOUR life is really how YOU (yes YOU) define yourself.  And by the way, NOBODY cares more about YOU then yourself, so why even allow anything else to control your life.

The tricky part is having the courage to believe in yourself.  SO from now on, believe in yourself… Take control of YOUR life and LIVE life… BE YOU… and DO YOU…

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Dream… And Dream BIG!

Shoot for the stars… The biggest dreams are only dreams to those afraid to pursue them.  Don’t let fear get in the way of your dreams…

Don’t be afraid. Go for it… You have nothing to lose… But everything to gain.  Dream big and allow yourself the opportunity to make those dreams come true.

A “real” dream is a part of you… It is a part of your soul… It is something that is deeply rooted inside of you now and something that you “know” is part of your future… Anything else is just an infatuation. “Real” dreams NEVER go away… They NEVER die or fade away… They are part of us forever.

“Real” dreams, we fight for…  “Real” dreams, we die for… Most importantly, “real” dreams we live for…

Keep moving towards your dreams each and every day… your dreams are closer than you think. When we dream big dreams, every small milestone is one step closer to making those dreams reality.  Keep moving in the right direction… keep working towards your dreams. In the end, you will make it… In the end, your dreams will come true.

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Life is Not a Sprint… It’s a Marathon to the Finish… But No Matter What, You STILL Need to Finish.

Remember the old story about the turtle and the hare?  The hare was fast and took shortcuts  , while the turtle was slow and took his time to finish…. In the end the turtle won the race because he was slow and careful in his steps.

In business, I see this all the time… There are those who want to do things fast and try to find shortcuts and the easy way to their goals.  Then there are those who take their time to reach their goals.  The ones that go for the easy finish usually never finish the race… Instead, they become so overwhelmed by what they are confronted with that they simply give up.

In the end, those that take their time in planning are more likely to succeed in reaching their goal. Careful planning and being prepared are important steps to success.  When you take the necessary steps and plan ahead, you will be ready to tackle even the most difficult obstacles.  You will be prepared and ready to take any obstacle head on.  When you are not prepared, you may not be ready and by that time it will be too late.

Take the time to prepare in all that you do… but at the same time do not let too much planning hinder your progress.  Keep planning AND keep progressing….you will be glad you did.  With careful planning along the way, even the most difficult “obstacles” will become a walk in the park.

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Be Satisfied In Defeat!?! Really?!

Sounds like bad advice, right?!  Well what I’m referring to has nothing to do with quitting.  In fact it’s the direct opposite.  So many times we are faced with situations where we have tried our best… where we have put in 110%… but still our efforts seem to be all in vain.

In these situations we seem to be so hard on ourselves because “somehow” all our efforts were just short.  It sounds cliche’, but we have to realize that giving our best, really is the most important thing in anything we set out to do.  Only once we truly” have given it our very best, then should we accept any outcome that follows.  And by “accepting defeat” doesn’t mean to say that you have “given up” completely… all it means is that you acknowledge your efforts in a positive way and are willing to accept the outcome because you “know” you truly have given it 100%.  And although you may have been defeated at this time, it doesn’t mean to say that you have “lost the war”…

Remember defeat is only defeat when you allow it to defeat you.  It is a state of mind… So try your best and put up a good fight… and keep moving on and keep trying… soon you will seize your own personal victories in life.

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Stop! And Take a Second to Breathe the Air Around You…

Every day I look around and am fascinated by the world around me… From man’s/woman’s technological advancements to marvels of science and biology to the normal cycle of every day life.  Even the simplest or most “normal” things just seem to amaze me… But maybe my engineering / science background has a lot to do with it.

Take night and day for example… To most of us it’s just a “normal” part of our every day lives -the sun rises, we wake up; the sun sets, we go to sleep… If it were really only that simple haha.  And this is only a small part of life’s “normal” cycle.  But often at times, we take this and so many other of life’s mysteries for granted.  We are so busy with our daily lives that we tend to forget about all the simple things that life has to offer… many things that are free to enjoy for everyone.  So we need to learn to take a step back and enjoy everything around us… breathe  in the fresh air that is available to everyone.

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you each and every day.  Leave all your troubles behind and breathe in life… Life is good. God is good. Live!

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A New Year… And New Outlook…

At the end of the year, most of us take a minute to reflect on the last twelve months.  If you are like me, you put a huge emphasis on things that you didn’t do rather than the things you did.  First off, stop right there! Stop beating yourself up over it… There is absolutely nothing you can do to change any of that…

We need to be satisfied with whatever it is that we’ve done because there just simply isn’t anything that we can do to change any of it.  Instead, we need to focus on the new year and look into the future that we want to create for ourselves.  Life is in the present, not the past that we constantly beat ourselves over or even the future that we can never be sure of.

So we need to treat life as a day to day thing and stop worrying about the past and instead start “planning” for the future (whatever that may be).  The most important thing is to “live” life to the fullest each and every day… I don’t care if your day is spent accomplishing a goal or playing with the kids all day long.  The main point is to do “whatever” it is your doing the best you can…

Hopefully, the very fact that you are giving it your all will be fulfilling in itself and can provide a sense of happiness in your life.  After all shouldn’t life be about being happy? So whatever it is that creates your happiness, do so to the best of your ability.  Happy New Year to all.. and best wishes for 2018!

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The Downside to Theory – A Structural Engineer’s Perspective

Theory has always been the basis behind all engineering design.  And it is no wonder… it is a necessity to lay the foundation – the building blocks which allow for unlimited creativity.  As engineers we use theory to help open our minds to creativity and innovation.

However, too much theory has a hidden downside.  By relying solely on theory, we can limit the very thing we as engineers strive to advance.  Such idea limits the possibility of innovation as we become bound by strict rules that do not allow for deviation.

In this view, we become limited by a completely theoretical world without compromise, which hinders new viewpoints and trains of thought.  This simplified approach requires conformity to the “norm” – to what is generally “understood” as correct, but discourages creativity.

Yes, many times these are actually the best solutions to many engineering problems. But by blindly “assuming” these are the “only” correct approaches is a disservice to the profession.  It is our duty as engineers to find the most creative and innovative solutions in all we create.  And by using theory only as a tool (and not the answer), we can continue to progress the profession in limitless ways.

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