There is NO such thing as “Luck”… only “HARD WORK” in the REAL world…



You hear it all the time… “this person” or “that person” seems to have ALL the “luck” in the world… You know who I’m talking about…  We all probably know someone directly who ALWAYS seems to be in the “right place at the right time”… Sometimes this may truly be the case, but for THE REST OF US, who are not so lucky, there’s still some hope…

I’ve seen it first hand with my own folks… They seem to have this magical touch when it comes to playing slot machines at the casino… my parents seem to have this gift of walking up to any slot machine, putting some money in, and walking away with THE JACKPOT! How I would love to hit even just one small jackpot in my LIFETIME gambling career… wouldn’t we all…

This was my mentality growing up… that luck happens strictly by chance…. I know better now. After watching my parents in action at these casinos, I can tell you now that “luck” is only a small part of the equation. Trust me, you would be a believer after seeing how much  hard work THEY put into “beating up” these machines… My parents “play” those machines with the same intent and ferocity that a fighter has in the ring… I’ve seen my mom literally sit there on front of a machine ALL night long, without sleep (or food), simply because she was 100% convinced that it was going to “hit” any second, and she was not about to let the jackpot go to the next person in line. Funny thing.. as much as I always doubted the outcome, my mom (and dad) ALWAYS had the last laugh… and walked away with the jackpot.

Watching my parents, I realized that what they were able to accomplish in the casino was not luck at wall… Instead, it was really their WILL to win and to ultimately beat these machines that allowed them to be so successful. It was like a game to them. Yeah the reward at the end of the tunnel was always the main motivating factor, but whether they would directly admit it or not, they ENJOYED playing the game, just AS MUCH as they loved winning.

This whole idea was the “edge” that my parents had over the casino. They NEVER gave up and always just trusted their gut and instinct. Even at times when a particular machine won the round, they simply moved on to the NEXT machine until they FOUND the RIGHT one… Some of the “battles” that I’ve seen, MOST other players would have NEVER returned to the game. But no matter how painful a defeat, my parents ALWAYS came back to win.

The type of effort and “fire” that they put into the casino was at the SAME level that we would normally only expect from a professional athlete or even a Fortune 500 CEO.  In essence, my parents were actually PROFESSIONAL slot machine players, who won not because of “luck” but through shear will and determination to succeed.

I believe that it is this same will and determination that is the main driving force behind any successful person or operation.  Throughout my own experience, I have come to realize that “luck” is something that YOU can actually CREATE in YOUR own life.  By this, I mean that by PUTTING YOURSELF in the position and SETTING YOURSElF UP for these opportunities, “luck” is more likely to come your way. And all it takes is to be fully PREPARED and ready to take advantage of these opportunites… and take advantage of YOUR OWN “LUCK”, that you,YOURSELF, have helped create…

ZLS Consulting Inc. @ 2017



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