Valuable Mistakes and the Lessons Learned From Them – A Structural Engineer’s Perspective on Life…


Growing up I never quite understood the importance of making mistakes.  I think as adolescents we tend to equate making mistakes as failure, as we are surrounded so much by life’s pressures that we get confused about the real meaning behind them. Throughout the years, I have learned to accept my mistakes and simply use them as potential learning opportunities.

As a fresh graduate from college, I, like the thousands of other new grads entering into the workforce was excited and eager to experience my new profession head on. I approached it as an opportunity to prove my understanding and “knowledge” and ultimately prove myself to the real world. What a humbling experience that it actually turned out to become…

The countless mistakes I made along the way seemed to be a major road block to successfully “proving myself to the world”. Initially, I took these perceived “failures” as major blows to my ego… And it took some time to actually digest how really unprepared and unqualified for the profession I really was.  But like most others, I continued on and tried to move past these mistakes, and hopefully learn from them…

What I eventually realized was that this situation was not only happening to me, but was a common and normal process for most people entering into ANY new and “uncharted” territory… I began to look at mistakes not as “failures” but merely as obstacles or “minor” setbacks along the journey… Ones that NEEDED to be tackled head on…

As an adult now, I have learned that mistakes are actually important and healthy steps in individual growth.  They help shape and nurture our lives and bring about actual meaning to them, as they give us new meaning and challenges to overcome. With them we become stronger.

As human beings, it’s tough to accept our mistakes, but we have to learn to be able to accept them into our lives.  Instead of being critical of our own mistakes, we need to learn from them.  We need to accept them merely as part of life’s normal challenges, and embrace them so that we can eventually overcome them… And REALLY learn from them.  When YOU do, you will NEVER make the same mistake twice, and will be more successful in everything that you do along the way…

ZLS Consulting Inc. (c) 2017

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