Real Estate Inspection Services by Trained Professionals…

Home buyers beware… When doing your due diligence in purchasing of a new (older) home, make sure to have the best home property inspector take a look at the property first. Trust me, you want to make sure that he/she is able to find the property’s “problem” areas or any issues regarding the property BEFORE you decide to go further. In doing so, you can eliminate any potential headaches AFTER moving in…

What’s equally as important is the potential “bargaining chip” that a complete and thorough home inspection can provide. Proper home inspections can offer either a means to “back out” of a deal or even to renegotiate for potential credits to the home buyer.

The sad truth about most real estate property inspectors is that they are usually not trained to properly address a property inspection. Many of these individuals often just use templates and follow a generic checklist to identify common “visible” issues. But this process may completely overlook the REAL problems that may ACTUALLY exist…

So next time you are on the house hunt, ALWAYS get a professional who can get the job done right…


Check our website : to get a FREE property home inspection checklist / template for all of you who would rather do it yourself..

ZLS Consulting offers the highest quality real estate / home buyer inspection services at the most affordable prices:

Southern California – General Residential Property Inspection (“Home Buyer” Inspection) 

Residential inspection performed by trained professionals to help prospective home buyers determine the general condition of a property before purchasing. Includes general property inspection and condition report. Currently offered only in Southern California area (with more areas to follow).

Price: $425.00 (+$0.50 per mile each way – call or email for more details)

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